New year, still me

Hi all,

I’m back! I’ve been gone from ‘blogging’ a little while – a few years actually but I’ve been thinking about getting back to blogging for a few months now so here goes…
I cannot express my excitement enough that January 1st falls on a Monday. I feel like my OCD levels are all fully balanced and ready for the new year and thus it felt like the perfect opportunity to rejoin the blogging community.

It’s always at this time of the year I feel like I get this big kick of motivation and inspiration (hence the sudden reappearance of the blog!) and I am rearing to go. I have never been one to experience ‘January blues’ partly to do with the fact January is my birthday month I’m sure – for 2018 I decided I would set some goals as this is when I’m most ‘eager’. I’m usually very private about goals as I feel voicing them makes it a must and therefore can feel like a chore but these are more general and just baby steps to self help rather than anything so I wanted to share them anyway…

1. Be more consistent 
I now run multiple social media accounts on my own and I do find myself going days without posting anything and then I’ll post anything for the sake of it. I would like to actually create a back log of posts and save these on Instagram’s ‘drafts’ and post as I go along.

2. Be more organised
I’m always massively flattered by how many of you guys think from my insta-stories that I am some kind of ambassador for organisation. In my opinion you can never be organised enough and as organised as I am I still fall short way with juggling jobs that I end up having to do late nights, dashes to the post office in between lessons and answer emails on the go. In 2018 I would like to organise my time especially and allocate specific times for specific jobs so I’m not trying to a million things at once.

3. Say ‘no’ more
I know this one just looks weird because the saying usually goes – ‘say yes more’, I’m the complete opposite and the reason I tend to panic, struggle and be a hot mess is basically because I take on too much. I hate disappointing and telling people I can’t do things and then I take on too much and freak out and go AWOL every so often. So in 2018 I’m going to learn to say ‘no’.

4. Seek opportunities 
I’ve always politely waited for opportunities to fall into my lap. I waited until I was asked, invited and contacted to be somewhere or host an event etc and whilst I’ve been SO lucky and incredibly humbled in the past 5 years to have received all the opportunities I have I would really like to go out and seek more, tell people about myself and basically network. I know that if I actively tried to seek opportunities it would just be a whole lot more fun and so this year I’m really going to push myself to push myself and see where it takes me.

5. Learn!
I’m a self taught arabic calligrapher but in 2017 I did a Modern Calligraphy class and IMMEDIATELY saw how it impacted Lucy Arts and opened up so many new doors for me and I just kept wondering why I hadn’t done it sooner. I really want to do a few more courses and I have some in mind and I’m eagerly sitting on the waiting list. I can’t wait to extend my skill set and share it with you all.

So that’s it, that’s a few little goals for 2018 that I really want to try and achieve. Wishing you all a wonderful start to the new year.

Lucy x

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