Re-introducing the art of handwriting…

If you’re like me and appreciate a handwritten note, card, letter over a text or email then you might also appreciate my new found love (*obsession*) of Modern Calligraphy and hand lettering.

I absolutely love technology and all that comes with it, the convenience, the opportuneness and ease however there’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten letter or card, I’m also a HUGE fan of anything personalised so you can imagine when I first discovered Modern Calligraphy was a *thing* and a there was a huge community and an online family who shared all of these little obsessions with me I jumped at the chance to learn the skill.

Much like many people I now teach (more of that later) I had absolutely no reason to want to learn this form of calligraphy – all I knew was I wanted to learn it and had no intention of doing anything else with it. I was finally able to enrol on to one of the courses after a very long wait and as soon as I attended that class in June 2017 I knew this was something I wanted to further develop. The lovely lady that taught us began by telling us she had started off as one of us – a student, no particular reason as to why she was doing the class but interested enough to give it a try – two years later she was running the classes and was a freelance calligrapher doing pretty handwriting for a living!! This, as you can imagine, was ridiculously motivating and I was in awe.

As you know I already had a calligraphy business concentrating on all aspects of Arabic Calligraphy, i then had a thought about merging the two worlds of calligraphy together but ultimately decided against it, thus, LettersByLucy was born!

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