Arabic Calligraphy Workbook

Hi guys,

During these testing times, I thought we could do with a little something to lift our spirits! With so much uncertainty and perhaps a lot more free time than we would normally have I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to start a new hobby!

Attached you’ll find my new Lucy Arts Workbook.

This is a basic introductory level workbook focusing on the Arabic Alphabet – you’ll need a chisel tip pen to use alongside this – I would recommend the Edding 1255 Calligraphy pen which can be found here

Please leave me a comment if you do download the PDF. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Lucy 🙂

UPDATE: The free PDF was available for a short period. It is now available to purchase for £5.00

10 replies
  1. Fatheha
    Fatheha says:

    I love your artwork and your caliigraphy is amazing. This is such a kind gesture releasing this PDF! I know lots of people will benefit Insha’Allah.

  2. Amna
    Amna says:

    For those of us working in some of the most difficult environments, can’t express how much these small gestures mean! I can’t wait to practice my calligraphy skills using this workbook! Thank you! Xxx

  3. Naila
    Naila says:

    I love your artwork and I’ve been wanting to learn Arabic Calligraphy for a while now. Your workbook will help me a lot to practice my skills. Can’t wait to start a new hobby!!
    I really appreciate all the work and the effort you put in to help us!
    Thank you!!

  4. Sana
    Sana says:

    I have to say during the quarantine time Lucy has saved my Bordem days. Offering free worksheets to practise and opening her heart and giving to all her students new and old.

  5. Emeraldemp
    Emeraldemp says:

    This is such a lovely and kind gesture Lucy – thank you for sharing! I’m excited to try this workbook once I get the pen – your work is stunning – hope I can learn even a little! <3


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